Okay guys, I’m sure that any of you who have been here as of late will know that this has been coming. As of this month, Mystic Love Sucks has been open (for the second time) for a whole year, and whilst this is absolutely amazing, and having been here since opening I can’t believe we’ve come this far, but both of us admins have decided it’s time we close.

Now we’ve decided it would be too much of a loss and too much time wasted if we close for good, so what we’ll be doing is taking a couple of weeks - maybe longer, depending on how much free time we have - and fingers crossed, we’ll be opening up again with some tweaks and changes here and there so we can compete with some of the other rp’s of a similar nature.

This means, that you have from now until Sunday to wrap up anything important, and then we will officially close. If you want to stay a part of us, because I know that some people have been here since the very beginning and wont want to let go any more than we do, then check back in on the main and at some point, we’ll have a link posted to a new main - though everyone will be expected to re-audition. If you have any questions, you know where to find us! 

We love you very very much and we hope we’ll see you again on the other side.

Much love and kisses;

Admin Becks and Admin Lauren.

An hour or so late but here’s the activity check.
The following roles have been inactive for more than three weeks and have 48 hours to contact the main before the role is re-opened;

The following roles are on recognized hiatus;

  • Elijah Mikaelson
  • Nadia Petrova
  • Sam Winchester (Semi Hiatus)
  • Katerina Petrova (Semi Hiatus)

Everyone else seems to have been around at some point within the last week. Please understand that we’re trying our best to keep this place going and are trying to do what we can to keep it on it’s feet. As of now activity checks will take place every Wednesday evening.

We found your application amazing and think you captured the king of hell very well, we can’t wait to see you bring him to life within the roleplay!

Name/Alias: Gabrielle/Drea

Timezone: CST

Desired Character: Crowley

Please send the account to us within 24 hours, making sure that your ask is open. 

We’re so sorry for the delay on your acceptance, but you’re application was amazing and we look forward to having you within our group.

Name/Alias: Sienna

Timezone: EST

Desired Character:Jo Harvelle

Please send the account to us within 24 hours, making sure that your ask is open.

Everyone please unfollow the following roles:

Elena Gilbert

Laliah  ( Blog already removed)

Okay I have two important things to say, so insure that you read this post to find out what will be happening over the next few days.
One, we will be accepting later this evening. I’m aware its very delayed but myself and Beckiie have both had things going on and haven’t had the time. 
Second thing, I will be holding an activity check tomorrow evening, so I would suggest coming online for a while or informing us as to why you’re all absent as the activity around here is becoming ridiculous. I don’t want to see this place go downhill and i’m going to do as much as I can to try and get this place on the move again. So keep your eyes open for events, prompts ect.

itselgilbert asked:
First, I just wanted to say that I love you all. My time here, though brief, has been absolutely amazing and you guys were so quick in welcoming me into your family. But I am sad to say that I am going to have to leave the RP. I have to take time to sort out my school work and get my life back to semi-normal after the passing of my grandfather and I just don't think I will be able to fit in the time to be the active Elena Gilbert that you guys need and deserve. I wish you all the best <3

We’re sorry to see you go love, we hope everything goes alright for you in the future and maybe one day you can return to us.
Posting so everyone knows

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about our app’s in our inbox, we’ll get to accepting them as soon as we possibly can. I’ll try to make it later this evening or tomorrow evening if I can get hold of the other admin during this time!

The audition count has been updated

dr-anastasiya asked:
Hey, guys, I won't be around for a couple of days. It's Holidays here, and I'll spend some time at my boyfriend's. Just thought I should let you know! xoxo

Okay, no worries, thanks for letting us know! 


itselgilbert asked:
Hey, loves. I'm going to need to go on another hiatus for about a week. I love you all :)

No problem sweetheart, thanks for telling us! 


The thought and detail that went into your audition was outstanding, and we can’t wait to have you in our midst! 

Name/Alias: Trisha

Timezone: GMT-3 

Desired Character: Caroline Forbes

Please send the account to us within 24 hours, making sure that your ask is open.